Autumn Apple & Berry Crumble

I love this time of year when autumn is slowly turning into winter.  For me, this means chunky knitwear, open fires, comfort food, the build-up to Christmas and an excuse to put cinnamon into everything. 

The last of the autumn apples are falling to the ground in my garden and itโ€™s the perfect time of year to collect them all up and make a little winter-warmer treat.

I asked my followers on Instagram what they would like me to make with my windfall apples and a crumble was the most popular request, so I decided to make a gorgeous Apple & Berry Crumble.  This is such a great thing to make around Halloween because the apples are in season and taste delicious.  Crumble is quick and easy to make and is brilliant for people on a budget.

My recipe is slightly different to conventional crumble recipes, because I like to add a little bit of a bit of extra crunch to the crumble topping by adding in oats and crushed almonds.  This gives the dish a bit more โ€˜biteโ€™ and the different textures offer a welcome contrast. 

To make the topping, you can throw all of the crumble ingredients into a food processor to make your crumble very quickly.  Even though I am a big fan of the food processor, when making a crumble, I love to do it the old fashioned way.  There is something so nice about getting your fingers into the gluten free flour and gently massaging it into the butter.

I always keep a couple of packs of frozen berries in the freezer and adding them to a crumble gives a gorgeous depth of flavour, not to mention the amazing colour it turns the apples!  Frozen berries are great to keep โ€“ I use them for my Overnight Oats, which makes for a great breakfast, and pop them into a lot of almond milk smoothies.  They are also much cheaper than the fresh variety and just as nutritious.

Click for full recipe: Apple & Berry Crumble

I canโ€™t wait for you to try this lovely Apple & Berry Crumble.  Make sure to tag me if you try the recipe and pop your photos onto Instagram, Facebook and Twitter โ€“ I love to see them!  Happy baking!

Gluten Free Fi x