Christmas Taste Test: Asda Christmas Free-from Range

Christmas is a time for indulgence and I love to do just that!  Picture pyjamas, open fire, cosy blankets, a Christmas movie lined-up and ready to watch, a tea tray and your treat of choice (preferably something from the bakery section - calories don't count at Christmas).  If you’re gluten free, finding treats for the festive period can be tricky.  Luckily, this year Asda has well and truly got the message and is stocking over 630 Free From products.

Free From Mince Pies

Asda Free From Mince Pies

Asda Free From Mince Pies

These are everything that mince pies should be and more – because they are gluten free, but don’t taste it!  I don’t even think Santa himself could taste the difference.  Normally gluten free pastry can fall apart on first bite, but this pastry holds together, while having the perfect crumble in your mouth.  The pie has delicately crimped edges and is packed full of the Christmassy flavours of plump sultanas, Bramley apple and elegantly finished with a touch of warming winter spice.  I like to warm my mince pies in the oven and closer to Christmas, eat with some brandy butter (an extra indulgence!).  Unfortunately for Santa, I think he might have to share Rudolph's carrot, because this pack of mince pies won't last until Christmas! 


Extra Special Free From All-Butter Shortbread Selection

Free From All-Butter Shortbread Selection

Free From All-Butter Shortbread Selection

Two words: dangerously moreish.  No guilt here though, no-one can see what shape you're in under an over-sized cashmere jumpers anyway!  The shortbread selection is like chunky shortbread cookies.  They come in three flavours: Canadian Maple Syrup & Pecan, Belgian Dark Chocolate & Ginger, and Italian Mixed Peel & Clementine.  On first bite, the Canadian Maple Syrup and Pecan shortbread took me back to the time where I could enjoy maple and pecan pastries.  A wash of happy memories, because they were always my favourite biscuit.  It is so lovely to enjoy an alternative that packs so much taste into one little bite.  The Belgian Dark Chocolate & Ginger have a lovely contrast between the rich and melty chocolate chips and the glorious sticky and spicy ginger pieces adding a great kick, they are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea.  The Mixed Peel & Clementine are like a fresh and festive party in your mouth.  You can taste the zest from the lemon peel, which is balanced beautifully with the sweetness from the shortbread.  I enjoyed this with a cup of coffee on Sunday afternoon.


Extra Special Free From Christmas Cake


I absolutely LOVE Christmas cake, but it needs to be perfectly moist - there's nothing worse than a dry cake!  I could tell as soon as I sliced into the Asda Christmas Cake that it was going to be a good one.  It had a nice sheen off the fruit pieces and little bits of the cake stuck to the cake slice - all signs of the cake being moist.  Just as I thought, it had the perfect texture.  The syrupy, soft cake held together and did not separate from the icing.  While the plump currants and raisins had a delicious juicy bite.  The cake has a great balance of spice while giving off an elegant hint of Brandy to add some extra warmth.  The Christmas cake is topped beautifully with white icing and is finished with gold, copper and white icing leaves and a gold bow, so it would make a perfect centrepiece for a table! 

On the box, it says that it serves 10.  However, this must be a misprint.  I think it should read, "Serves 1, 10 times".  After all, it's Christmas - treat yo'self!


To see Asda's full gluten free range, click here.  I am very pleased to have worked with Asda to promote and review their Extra Special Free From range.  I think it is fantastic that Asda has gone to such great lengths to produce fantastic gluten free products.  I was delighted to spend a day eating cakes, pies and biscuits and all views are very much my own.  Signing off with a full belly and on a delightful sugar high.