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When you are first diagnosed with coeliac disease, the supermarket can become a daunting place.  Smaller supermarkets might not have a gluten free section at all, leaving you to desperately hunt through different foods, checking each label in hope that you’ll eventually strike lucky and find something gluten free!  

Larger supermarkets will of course have a wider selection of gluten free find and the convenience of being able to shop online.  However, my biggest frustration is doing an online shop for some of my favourite gluten free products, only for gluten-containing products being delivered as substitute!

In steps the perfect solution – SoulBia.  Delivering throughout the UK, Northern Ireland and Ireland, SoulBia is a little online treasure that caters for all diets, but specialises in gorgeous soul food that is specifically for people with dietary requirements, such as gluten free, dairy free and vegan.  The website is so easy to shop, because you can choose your diet category.  I chose “gluten free” and spent the rest of the evening exploring the HUGE range of gluten free products.  So many brands that I have never even heard of, amongst lots of other smaller brands that I know and love, such as, The Foods of Athenry. 

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SoulBia’s cupboard & fresh foods arrive brilliantly packaged, including chilled packs to keep the food cool!

SoulBia’s cupboard & fresh foods arrive brilliantly packaged, including chilled packs to keep the food cool!

 The delightful thing is that they stock so many local and artisan producers, so when you shop on SoulBia, you still get the feeling that you are supporting local. I was mostly interested in hunting for snacks, treats and products that you can’t normally find as a gluten free option. I thought I would share some of the products I ordered to try, so you can pop some of my favourites into your basket!

My SoulBia delivery - snacks galore all available under one roof!

My SoulBia delivery - snacks galore all available under one roof!

The SoulBia range includes chilled, ambient and unique products that are hard to come by. To name a few, I chose products from Vego, Sarah Rawbites, Coyo, Lemonaid, Gluten Free Patisserie, The Foods of Athenry and Fiid. One product that of course stood out to me, was this gluten free Baked Donut Mix by Isabel’s. Gluten free doughnuts are the holy grail of gluten free products, because they are the hardest to find! So imagine these fresh out of the oven, rolled in sugar and enjoyed one after another with a big cup of tea! Bliss! Vegans, these are good for you too!

When you’re looking for a quick lunch option, it’s difficult to find something you can just ‘grab’ that is gluten free. Fiid have gorgeous range of prepackaged nourishing bowls that are gluten free, dairy free and vegan. I was drawn towards the Smoky Mexican Black Bean Chilli because not only is it 3 of your 5 a day, but also because Mexican food is my favourite!

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Sarah’s Rawbites are handmade in Dublin and are gluten free, dairy free and vegan! Her range is designed to curb sugar cravings and give the body a natural burst of energy throughout the day. If you’re like me and work off a high metabolism, these make for the most perfect handbag snack for any mid afternoon slumps while you’re on-the-go! My favourites was the Raw Salted Caramel Slice and Raw Raspberry Caramel Slice.

Sarah’s Rawbites  - the perfect on-the-go snack!

Sarah’s Rawbites - the perfect on-the-go snack!

SoulBia offers FREE delivery on orders over £40 and a FREE gift over £60!

Being Irish, Soda bread (or Soda Farl) is a household favourite and something I haven’t had in over five years! So of course The Gluten Free Patisserie’s Soda Farl Mix was straight into my basket. The owner of the company isn’t actually gluten free, which means she can taste test gluten free products against gluten-containing products to get the taste as close to the real thing as possible! I am going to save this for a weekend treat and enjoy it with a full Irish (a big breakfast fry)!

 Save 15% off your SoulBia online purchase with the code: GlutenFreeFi

Hands down the best gluten free baguettes I have ever tried, are these Schnitzer Gluten Free Baguettes! As soon as I opened my SoulBia delivery, this was the first product out of the box that I was desperate to try. Popped into the oven for 10 minutes, they come out tasting like they have been freshly baked. These are a firm 10/10 and unlike anything you are going to be able to find in your local supermarket. Buy at least two packs, because you will LOVE them!

Ooh-La-La Tea biscuits are advertised as the perfect accompaniment to a warming cup of tea. The Coconut Cookies are just that - as I type this blog post, I am sipping on tea and munching on the cookies. Be warned, it is extremely difficult to stop at two or three cookies, because these are STUNNING! They are vegan, but have such a gorgeous buttery taste.

 It is so nice to be able to order cupboard staples as well as fresh food from SoulBia. I eat yoghurt every day as part of my breakfast (with fruit) or as a mid morning snack. So I ordered Co Yo’s Coconut Milk Yoghurt Alternative to try as a cow’s milk alternative. It has a refreshingly smooth taste of coconut and combines this with live cultures to produce a dairy-free and vegan luxurious yoghurt... truly heaven in a mouthful! Probiotic, no added sugar, vegan, dairy free and gluten free!


 SoulBia’s huge range allows you as the customer to get everything you need in one place! It saves you from having to buy from multiple supermarkets, which means no extra car journeys and allowing you a hassle free way to shop. I will no doubt continue to shop regularly on SoulBia to stock up on gluten free baguettes, handbag snacks and cupboard essentials! The product range is constantly growing, so hopefully there is even more to look at every time you shop!

 Save 15% off your SoulBia online purchase with the code: GlutenFreeFi

This post was part of a paid collaboration with SoulBia, but as always, all images, opinions and words are my own!