Gluten Free Take Aways in Belfast

If there’s one thing I hate to hear from people following a gluten free diet it's, “I can't eat that!”.  If I want something to eat that I had before I was gluten free, I will research it until I can find a gluten free version, or I will make it myself!  One thing that you can never ‘make yourself’ and that I get asked about a lot is good take away food.  I’m sorry, but sometimes a quinoa salad just won’t cut it and you need a hit of something dirty and carbilicious.  Gluten free people of Belfast, I am here to help you!  I have tasted so many gluten free delights in Belfast and I am going to share my favourite take aways with you!  

Macau (Ormeau Road, Belfast) - Chinese food

Macau Restaurant is the holy grail of gluten free Chinese food.  It is not your typical Chinese – the food is very authentic and their specialty, in my opinion, is the beautifully fresh seafood dishes.   In particular, the salt and chilli king prawns, the monkfish & picked veg hotpot and the slow cooked cod.  The owner, Sue-Lynn, is incredible.  All you have to do is ask if a dish can be made GF and she will make sure it is done for you!  If you are eating in the restaurant, I would recommend booking ahead – Macau is always busy!

Available as a BYO restaurant, or as a takeaway (collection only).

Slow Cooked Cod

Slow Cooked Cod



Mandarin City (Ballyhackamore, Belfast) - Chinese food

When I have my girlfriends over, we order a Mandarin City.  It brings me back to the days of being 16 and having a sleepover with your besties, because this Chinese serves typically ‘westernised’ Chinese food – it doesn’t taste like gluten free food, because it is bloody good and ticks all of the boxes for a dirty (and I mean that in the best possible way, like durrrty) takeaway night!  Their menu is very GF friendly because they mark on the menu everything that is gluten free, which makes it hassle free dining because you get an idea straight away which of the dishes you can order.  I always order a GF black bean chicken (not on the menu as a GF option, but they will make you one!) and the crispy chicken in a spicy & garlic Peking sauce.  My friends are kind enough to order everything GF so I can share – we are never short of dishes, because there are so many options!

Available as a licensed restaurant, or as a takeaway (collection only)

A dreamy takeaway from Mandarin City

A dreamy takeaway from Mandarin City

John Dory’s (Ballygowan Road, Ballyhackamore, Dundonald, Carryduff and Lisburn) - Fish & Chips

On a winter’s evening there’s nothing quite like sitting down to fish and chips in front of the fire.  This was never an option for me until John Dory’s introduced a gluten free menu (thank you!).  With a fryer dedicated to gluten free food, it limits any worries about cross-contamination.  After receiving a delivery, I have phoned up so many times to double check that the food I ordered was definitely gluten free – that is how good the batter is!  The thing I love most is how dedicated the owner was to getting the gluten free batter ‘just right’.  It has been developed consistently since they released their GF menu and they have really done so well.  It is light, perfectly crisp and sticks to the food perfectly.  John Dory’s fish & chips was our Valentine’s meal of choice this year.  We picked up a takeaway and took it to the beach to eat in the freezing cold!  I would recommend the battered haddock, cod bites, chicken goujons, battered mushrooms (with a huge tub of garlic mayo, of course!) and their onion rings!  The best option for a cheap and cheerful meal!

Take away only - delivery available.

Boojum (Botanic Avenue, Victoria Square & Great Victoria Street) - Mexican Food

The first time I tried a Boojum, somebody got their herbs mixed up and put parsley in the guac instead of coriander.   I didn’t visit Boojum again for perhaps another year because, “Why would a Mexican restaurant make a bad guacamole?!” .  I feel like that is a year of my life that I have wasted and will never get back.  Everybody makes mistakes – I have bought flat leaf parsley instead of coriander before too, it happens.   The second time I was forced to order a Boojum, I realised that being stubborn isn’t a good trait and you should always give food another chance.  The only way I can describe it is as a little fiesta in your mouth!  I order a Burrito Bowl, which has all of the contents of a burrito, but without the wrap.  The lime and cilantro rice (the only GF rice option) adds a delightful freshness to the smoky depth of the meats and spiciness of the salsa.  This is my hangover option as a friendly Deliveroo cyclist brings it to the comfort of my own home.  Each time the Deliveroo rider arrives at my front door, I have to remind myself that I have a husband!

Available as a licensed restaurant, delivery (through Deliveroo) and collection

Boojum Burrito Bowl with Lime & Cilantro Rice

Boojum Burrito Bowl with Lime & Cilantro Rice

Nandos (Boucher Cresent, Dublin Road & Victoria Square) - Portuguese

Nandos is one of the meals I used to get the most sick after eating.  Anytime I had one, I would be crippled with pain (because I was eating pita bread and was an undiagnosed coeliac), so I always had a negative association with it.   That all changed when I realised I was coeliac and that Nandos had GF options.  I love the butterfly chicken, the whole chicken platter (to share, I'm not THAT bad), macho peas, spicy rice, peri peri fries and slaw.  Oh, and platefuls of halloumi!!!

Available as a licensed restaurant or takeaway (collection only).

Picture source: Pinterest

Picture source: Pinterest


Green’s Pizza (Lisburn Road & Ballyhackamore) - Pizza

The pizza choices are SO fun! Fresh Fig & Basil, Chicken Fajita or Fennel Sausage & Tender Stem Broccoli?  Pizza options like this are endless at Green's Pizza.  The meatball pizza I had below was just outstanding.  The only thing I need them to do is to invent a gluten free "Dragon Tongue Supreme" - it's a garlic bread with cheese, garlic and a sweet chilli sauce and it smells bloody increcible - then my life will be complete.


The Pizza Co. (Botanic Avenue, Finaghy) - Pizza

The gluten free pizza from The Pizza Co. is pretty damn good!  The only problem is that we have nicknamed them 'The Forgetful Pizza Co.' because they always forget something from our order.  Honestly though, they always deal with it so well that I forgive them (every. bloody. time) and after the first slice of pizza, all is forgotten!  Another perk...they open late night, as in reeeally late, so this immediately puts them to top of the poll in my books for 'drunk snack' options.  I never ever order Domino's because I feel uncomfortable every time I eat it and my stomach is a good gluten detector, so there must be some kind of cross contamination.  So it's nice to have a pizza company that I can trust (even after a few drinks!).


Pizza Express

Two words: Garlic. Doughballs.  Yes, gluten free garlic doughballs with the most gorgeous little pesto dips, fantastic pizza and garlic bread options.  Pizza Express continues to knock it out of the park with their gluten free options!

I hope this helps you in your search for the ultimate gluten free take away food!  If you have any questions or would like any advice on where to eat or what to order, please leave me a comment!

Fi x

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A New Year Bargain from Lidl

It’s January and if you’re like me, you’ll have started 2017 with good intentions to kick start the year on a health quest.  Being prepared is the key to keeping up healthy habits.  Whether its buying new gym kit or arming yourself with all of the latest kitchen equipment and gadgets, it’s good to be surrounded by things that will give you a helping hand along the way.

Across Northern Ireland, Lidl have released workout equipment and cooking appliances to help your new goals, but with January-friendly prices!  I have teamed up with Lidl to try out their Nutrition Mixer.  Similar to a NutriBullet , the Nutrition Mixer is an ‘extractor’ – different to a juicer or a blender, an extractor pulverises fruit, veggies, seeds, nuts and grains.   This means that you don’t have to remove the skin or seeds of the fruit (less prep – yay!) and you will get more nutritional goodness.  So it’s the perfect device for making green juices, smoothies, dips and soups!

Nutrition Mixer from Lidl, £29.99

Nutrition Mixer from Lidl, £29.99

You will see the noticeable similarity between the Nutrition Mixer and the NutriBullet, but there’s one big difference – the price!  At £29.99, the Nutrition Mixer is less than half the price of the NutriBullet.  Yet this little bargain can still carry out the same functions, including crushing ice.

Still fighting off a chest infection, I decided to make the Lidl recipe for a ‘Gingered Spinach, Celery and Apple Boost’ juice, which is packed full of immune boosting vitamins.  I popped all of the ingredients into the larger beaker, attached the blade lid and twisted the beaker into the Nutrition Mixer, excited to see it in action!  I noticed that it was quite loud, but very powerful.   In fact, my juice was perfectly blended in less than 10 seconds. 

A large beaker will give you two large juices, so it’s perfect if you’re preparing juices as a couple, or if you want to make a juice for your breakfast or post-workout and keep another juice in the fridge for the next day.  If you want to prepare in advance, you can chop up extra servings, keep them in individual freezer bags and then take them out of the freezer as you need them and pop them into the Nutrition Mixer.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a NutriBullet, but January finances aren’t on your side, the Nutrition Mixer from Lidl is an exceptional alternative.  Small, easy to store, easy to clean and it gives perfect results – it has all of the features that you would look for in a nutrition extractor!  Happy juicing!



1/4 packet of baby spinach (65g)

1 stick of celery, chopped

1 golden delicious green apple, cored and chopped

1 small piece of ginger (25g), peeled and chopped

150ml Cloudy natural apple juice

1 glass of ice


Blend all the ingredients together in mixer adding the ice last. Serve straight away and any leftovers will keep in the fridge.

This post was sponsored by Lidl, but all opinions are my own.