Valentine's Gift Guide for Foodies

My mum always jokes that I associate food with love.  When I was little I would tell her that I loved her when she had made something really good to eat and with her being an amazing cook, this was pretty much a regular occurrence.  But how could I not associate food with love?  Our family kitchen has always been the gathering point for our family, as it is in most homes.  It is filled with so much happiness, laughter and dancing (loads and loads of dancing!) and it is because we all gravitate towards where the good food is. 

Being a food lover and a confessed total romantic, I love food related gifts.  It gives people the opportunity to be extremely thoughtful without always having to spend a lot of money.  Whether it’s a new gadget that I’ve been longing for or my boyfriend planning and making me a romantic meal (let’s not linger on this for too long, he’s still learning!), I am pretty sussed in what makes a good Valentine’s day gift and I thought I would share a few ideas with you!

A quick note to my boyfriend…you can’t say you didn’t notice me ‘hinting’.  Consider the things I don’t have on this list as hints! x