A-peeling Alternatives

Like most stereotypes there are many misconceptions about the Irish, but the love the Irish have for potatoes is absolutely correct.  We love them.  We even make bread out of them. 

When I tell people that I am coeliac and eat a gluten free diet, I always enjoy the look of sheer panic on a personโ€™s face when they say, โ€œSo you canโ€™t eat potatoes?!โ€, when of course potatoes are totally gluten free (in their natural state) and I eat them all the time. 

The poor potato has got a bad reputation for itself and people rarely take into account the health benefits of this immensely versatile veg.  Potatoes are one of the cheapest and most readily available source of vitamin C โ€“ perfect for helping boost the immune system, which is great for coeliacs.  However, as great as they are, they are high carb and wonโ€™t do our waistline many favours if we eat them every night.

Also fond of a few drinks (OK, another correct stereotype), my friends use mashed potatoes as their hangover cure (donโ€™t try this at home), which Iโ€™m sure does absolutely nothing for them but offer comfort food when they feel at their most fragile.  So they will be glad to know that I have added a new recipe for a s-mashing (sorry!) low carb alternativeโ€ฆdrum rollโ€ฆgarlic mashed FAUXtatoes.  If you're a low carber who's missing the simple pleasure of buttery mash potatoes, but donโ€™t miss the heavy bloated feeling, then you are going to love this!


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I must admitโ€ฆI have never liked cauliflower; it is the only vegetable that I have to think twice about eating.  However, this tastes absolutely delicious and is a great alternative to potato.  I made it slightly more decadent by adding in a handful of grated Parmigiano-Reggiano and a big dollop of grassfed-butter.  Involving minimal ingredients, this gorgeous side dish can be thrown together and ready all within 15mins, so really you canโ€™t ask for much more.

After much begging and crying, even Bruiser had some mash as a treat.

After much begging and crying, even Bruiser had some mash as a treat.

I hope you all enjoy these Garlic Mashed FAUXtatoes as much as we did!

GF Fi x