Avocado Addict

I was born in South Africa and when I was a baby in Swaziland, my mum would pick avocados fresh from our avocado tree and mash them up as my creamy, full-of-goodness baby food. 

Playing under the avocado tree

Anything avocado-based is my ultimate comfort food.  As a coeliac, I know it is the one gluten free food that will result in the quickest and most satisfying snack.  Cut one in half, drizzle with a tiny bit of olive oil, sprinkle with black pepper and Maldon sea salt and it is ready to eat within a matter of seconds, straight from the skin with a spoon – scrumptious and keeps the hanger at bay!

People often worry about the 'calories' in avocados, but don't, despite being high in calories this superhero pear actually helps to burn fat (...read the rest of this post before running to the supermarket, please!).  The other thing I love about them is that they help with the absorption of nutrients, especially when combined with other fat burning foods - so it is just perfect that avocados and eggs make the best foodie partnership.  When coeliacs are 'glutened' our stomachs become very inflamed and bloated and eating avocado helps to reduce the inflammation, which is a great way to get a quick relief - heal from the inside out.

Vegan, vegetarian or a gym bunny?  Avocados are packing a punch of protein!  Unlike the protein in red meat, which can be difficult for people to digest, the protein in avocado is readily absorbed because they also contain fibre.  So if you are looking for a balanced diet, make sure to add them as a regular part of your diet rather than an occasional treat.  My recipes will give you a few ideas on how to do so and if you like to mix your avocado up a bit (literally), then my Chunky Guacamole recipe will be right up your street.

Manomasa were kind enough to send me a box of their gluten free quinoa tortilla chips - they are gorgeous!  After tasting my first chipotle and lime tortilla, I knew I had to put my avocados to good use and went straight to the kitchen to whip up some chunky guacamole.  This recipe is really quick to throw together and can be enjoyed by the spoonful in a matter of minutes.

For your nearest stockist of Manomasa tortillas, visit manomasa.co.uk